What to do at Dongdaemun Euljiro-20-gil?

This Street is located near Dongdaemun Plaza aka DDP. I’m not gonna share those which are available in your travel leaflets. Let’s dig some place that’s not in the tour recommendation list. Basically, most blogger will recommend these 2 restaurants because of their famous chicken with clear soup :

So if you happened visit Dongdaemun, don’t forget to check-in to these awesome restaurant as it’s one of the best place to eat while escape the cold winter outside. Just click on the link above for more details.

The main point for this post is, What else can you hunt nearby Euljiro-20-gil?

There are few alternatives you can choose from the list here :-

Generally, this video shows the general outlook of the shops nearby at Euljiro-20-ga. It’s quite small but worth to walk around.

This video shows The Ssanghwa shop, definitely gonna come back and try next time.

If you are still hungry, you can hunt more foods around NESSHOME while shop for some clothes nearby as well. I’m food fanatics so most of the time you’ll see food posts instead of shopping posts. Their Strawberry price are moderate (KRW 7,000 – 12,000), you’ll find the similar price almost everywhere but different size. haha

This is Sikhye (sik – keh) drink and Honey Red Bean Cake. It tastes great when you buy both but I forgot the price. haha.

So… that’s all about it about foods around Dongdaemun.

Check out our next post for more!

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  • Click HERE, if you are a First timer visit to Korea.

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