What To Do in when you Stay Overnight at KLIA 2?

Our Next Destination is having a 10 days tour at Seoul Korea. Seoul is a Megacity which consists of more than 10 million population. We planned to go Seoul for Countdown 2017 and hoping to experience the cold winter SNOW to fall from the sky. Did met the snow? Stay tuned with our future posts. Just to cut short, let’s start our stories with Pictures. Shall we?

Before Departing to Korea

Our Flight to Incheon, Korea departs 7:30am from Kuala Lumpur (KL). Since the flight is early in the morning and we are not from “Kay-eL”, we have no choice but to STAY OVERNIGHT at KLIA 2!!

When we reached KLIA, we took a transit to KLIA 2 to hunt for any last-minute food and drinks before all the shops closed at 11pm (except 24 hours restaurants)

Arrival Display Board at KLIA
Display Board upon Arrival at KLIA

The Transit Fee as of 27/12/2016 from KLIA to KLIA 2 is Rm1.80 per pax (Actual Price is Rm 2.00). You can actually get 10% discount when you buy ticket from their Kiosk Machine. Please take note if you want to save Rm0.20. Tee-hee.

There are 2 recommended ways for you to stay overnight at KLIA 2 (if you are not local) :-

  1. Stay overnight at any Restaurant near check-in counters
  2. Stay overnight at Hotel

Initially, we plan to stay at Capsule by Container Hotel. Less fortunately, it’s fully occupied. Check out the price if you below if you plan to stay at Capsule.


Capsule Hotel Rates are divided into 3 durations which are 6 or 9 or 12 Hours. I dare not to say it’s cheap but at least you got a small capsule with a soft bed to stay overnight.

Luckily we still got time to grab a cup of coffee from Starbucks before their counter closed. Then we waited at their soft comfy long bench while observing the crowd activities who are waiting for their next flight overnight as well.Checkout the time-lapse video which I recorded for 2 hours. I’m sure you’ll be amazed on how they stay overnight at KLIA 2.

At about 04:20 am in the morning, Seoul – Incheon check-in counter has finally open (check out the 2nd last column in the picture below)!! Yay!! We don’t need to guard our luggage anymore! Some would say, we can rent a space at luggage counter but it’s EXPENSIVE! So, we rather bring our huge luggage by ourselves till check-in.


Do follow us for more in our next post while we landed in Seoul – Incheon Korea.




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