Everland, Korea Visit (Part ONE)

First and foremost if you want to know more about the price-list, please click HERE for more info. Also, if you have questions on how to get to Everland, please click HERE

Everland is a great place for friends and family gathering because they have lots of different activities going on. We went there during Winter, that place is quite windy. Luckily, the amusement park provided heater everywhere around the park just to keep ourselves warm temporarily. DJI_20161230_122800

If you did pre-booking online, please bring along the receipt and show them the QR Code. They’ll provide you with a pass (refer image below) when it’s verified. So, you don’t have to take all the hassle to but ticket on the spot which is more expensive. Click HERE, if you want to know more about EverLand Ticketing.


But first, let’s take a selfie right after the entrance.


Practically, I did not take many pictures inside instead of doing some short clip recordings. Check out the videos below and let the video do all the story telling.. This is the video which was taken when we are on a cable car heading to Four Season Garden.

You can visit the merchandise shop after the Cable Car Tour but those item are quite costly.

Once we arrived Everland Four Season’s Garden, there will be a show. That time was around 1300pm. the show lasts for about 20 minutes.

Then, we decided to walk around while waiting for the parade to start at 2pm near to the Wooden Roller Coaster.


Stay Tuned for more about the parade at PART 2. Click HERE for more.


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