Everland Resort is a local “Disney Land” for Korea and it’s one of the top spot for tourist visits. It’s located at Yongin, a city of Gyeonggi-do. You can spend almost whole day with Friends and Family. The Size of that park is massive. The shows various depending on the season. During my time of visit, it was winter Christmas themed where you can enjoy the Christmas parades, garden lighting as well as fireworks performances.

First and foremost, check out the List below for ticketing price as it’s main concern for any visitors isn’t it?.


Type Adults Children Note
One-day Ticket 52,000WON(~3/31)
54,000 WON(4/1~)
43,000 WON(4/1~)
  • Free admission to Hoam Gallery for the day and extra charges for coin-operated rides, rental, animal rides, and special exhibitions
  • No online purchase is available for Night tickets or Two-day tickets
  • No double discount option including the use of discount cards is available for Two-day Tickets
Night Ticket
45,000 WON(4/1~)
36,000 WON(4/1~)
Two-day Ticket 81,000WON(~3/31)
84,000 WON(4/1~)
67,000 WON(4/1~)
** Extracted from their webpage.

However, just book online through these websites for offers for up to 40% discount:-


Click HERE for more exciting journey and stories about Everland.


You’ll get hyped to see all the media on the NEXT POST.


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