How to go to Everland, Korea Visit

In general, this post will only explain how to go to Everland by Railway which is quite fun but I’ll share some info about the bus ticketing methods as alternative options as well.

What options do I have to travel to Everland?

  1. By Bus
  2. By Railway
  3. By Taxi (unless you’re travelling with elders)


OPTION A : If you want go EverLand by BUS (via Gangnam Station), follow the steps below:-

1) Take the train to Gangnam Station
2) Exit at Exit No. 10.
3) Walk at least 200m to the bus stop. It was not near the exit and was quite a distance way. So keep a lookout for the landmark shops to locate the bus stop.
4) Take Bus No. 5002 to Everland. You can pay with your T-Money card or cash. The bus journey was around 45mins – 1 hour. You can take the time to have your breakfast or take a nap.
5) Alight at Everland Bus Station and transfer to the free shuttle service. Follow the crowd walking to another bus stop.  The free Shuttle Bus takes only 5 minutes and you will alight at the front of Everland.
6) When returning, take bus 5002 towards Gangnam back. If you are unsure, just ask the bus driver if he is heading go Gangnam. You don’t want to take the wrong bus at 9pm at night in a foreign country.

** Alternatively, you may book bus ticket online but follow the instruction as pre-scribed on their webpage.

  • Click HEREif you want to buy bus ticket only (Around USD 10) .
  • Click HERE, if you want to buy in package (Bus + Entrance Ticket) (Around USD 50)


OPTION B : If you want go EverLand by RAILWAY(via Hongik University Station), follow the steps below:-

  1. Take the train from Hongik University Station to Sindorim Station (Purple Line – Line “1”)
  2. Transit from Sindorim Station till Suwon Station Station (Yellow Line or Line “B”)
  3. Transit from Suwon to Giheung Station (Yongin Everline Line)
  4. Take Yongin Everline at Giheung Station till you reach the last station (Jeondae-Everland). You may check the railway maps below for alternative ways.
  5. Once arrived at Jeondae-Everland Station. Transfer to the free shuttle service. Follow the crowd walking to another bus stop.  The free Shuttle Bus takes only 5 minutes and you will alight at the front of Everland.
  6. When returning, take the same route back in reverse direction.


So, YOUNG FOLKS, all of you are FIT and ENERGETIC, you MUST travel via railway as it’s FUN to get LOST once in a while for you to see more about the scenery of local areas which you rarely see in the city.

No matter where you are, just look for Yongin EverLine in your map as long as you arrived Y126, you’re almost there. Challenge accepted?

It’s located the LOWEST MOST at the RIGHT side of the MAP (Look for the “Star Icon”).

Click HERE, if you want to have a better view of the transit map.



Just look for this exit when you transit to Yongin EverLine to Everland. Then use the escalator to reach Yongin EverLine. Refer picture below.DJI_20161230_113323.jpgDivXSnap-2017-03-30-11-31-20-809.jpg

Once you entered the railway, just wait till you reached the last Destination Y126 (Jeondae-Everland). Check out the video below for the Timelapse experiences.

Once you’ve arrive Jeondae Station, just follow the crowds by crossing the skybrige to the Shuttle Bus Station. (Notes : the shuttle bus is FREE).

IF the Shuttle Bus has yet to arrive, you may go to the nearby 7-Eleven to get some snacks while waiting for the Bus to arrive. Grab their Banana Milk Drink. It’s awesome!!


This is the Shuttle Bus Station. If anyone can explain the Banner in the Video, you’re most welcome do do so. haha.


Well, that’s all about getting to Everland via Railway Experience. Oh by the way, the drinks that we were holding are the Banana Milk that I mentioned earlier on.DJI_20161230_121430.jpg

Click HERE to check out for more info about EverLand Attractions.





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