Where to Stay In Anguk, Seoul, South Korea?

There are lots of different Hanok out there in the same region but we decided to try out Doo Guesthouse. The room itself is just fine. Price wise is moderate. Will tell you how much per room later. Let’s cut things short and I’ll tell you a story with pictures. Shall we?



So what is the difference between Hanok and Hanbok?

  • Hanok – 韩屋 – Korea Traditional House
  • Hanbok – 韩服 – Korea Traditional Clothes

Since the Guesthouse have a few Hanbok available in-house only, you may actually dress up in-house to take a few shots. It’s Totally Free!! Perhaps it is enoughfor you to wear a Hanbok in a Hanok. Don’t be a fool like me requesting wear Hanok. haha…

How to book Doo Guesthouse? Particularly, this Guesthouse customer services are quite unique.

  1. You have to write in to their email at least 6 months in advance.
  2. Within 1 month, write in again to re-confirm with them about your room availability
  3. Within 15 days, write in again to confirm your arrival with them just to secure your room availability.
  4. Final confirmation will be 5 days before check in date.

Check out the email below if you don’t believe me. haha


Can we book from any online booking webpage? Yes, you can do that but the room they’ll be offering are the rooms without toilets. so you have to toilet with others tenants.

From what I could recall, we stayed at Doo NA and Doo RA. The Environment is very quite. It’s ideal place for those who want to stay overnight in a quite place. If you are a Christian who understands korean, you may attend their church nearby as well. Check out the picture below which I took right outside of our room.


As for the interior, I’ll post it out once I sorted my media files. Sorry about that. Check out the video below for our Road Trip Street View Around Doo Guesthouse. Usually, the upwards streets are crowded with foreigners while locals will be located street downwards because there’s a Hyundai Mega Company located nearby. So you’ll see lots of korean occupied the restaurants during lunch time. This is a great place to experience their daily lives.

In overall, I’ll rate this guesthouse:-

  • Cleanliness – 4/5
  • Heater – 5/5
  • Comfort – 4/5
  • Room size – 3/5
  • Customer Service – 4/5


  • Click HERE for more about restaurants available nearby Anguk Station.
  • Click HERE for more about how to reload T-money for Korail in Korea.




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