What to do at Ovation of the Seas Cruise?

Literally, most of us will think that cruise is a trip for the rich and boring option. For me, it’s the other way round. You get to see the best Seaview in the world. It is even better than any beach resorts in the world unless you prefer to see bikini girls and hot guys walking under the hot sun.

Anyway, let’s put aside the budget in another post while we share about our experience in Ovation of the Seas. 

This vessel is US based company – Royal Caribbean so you could expect the vessel made based on US preference. Their show performers coming from US as well. However, most of their crews are Asians. Typically from China, Indonesia, and Philippines.

It’s a great vessel to discover wide range of unexpected surprises. Besides, this will be the best option for family trip no matter you’re bringing your babies, kids, parents and grandparents. They designed the program to be well fitted for every families onboard. 

This photo was taken when we stop by Penang on the 2nd day of our trip. The outlook was remarkably modern.

If you would like to know more about our itinerary, click HERE for more.

What can we do in this huge vessel? Let’s start with some picture storytelling then.

Once we arrived our room located at 13th floor, we dashed out to the balcony of our room and it looks gorgeous. Check out the night view below.

The crew staffs are very friendly. As we board the vessel, we were invited to grab some foods at Two70 located at the aft of Deck 5. The place was crowded with people while they show some introduction via 6 palette LED screens which is controlled by robotic arms. Less fortunately, I did not take the daytime pictures as I was busy looking after my son. Anyway, I’ll just show you some alternative pictures just to let you see the actual view of that room.

These pictures were taken during their pixels performance. Their performers, stage coordinator are very professional anf it’s free!! Of course some will say… We paid their room fees what. But for me, all their activities are well designed and it worth every single cents we paid on the vessel.

Next, let’s have a look at their casino (located at Deck 3). Their casino is quite small as it’s like a place suitable for beginners. If you are a professional gambler, don’t take this casino too seriously as you will see lots of newbies around. Haha.

I will upload the video later as the files are too big. 

Next, music hall (Located 3 and 4) is a place to experience live music band orchestra, karaoke (English or Chinese), lottery, Bingo, pool and liquor bars. Usually opens at night. 

So if you can’t sleep at night, these are the best places for you to spend your whole night. I personally loves performances as you will see their hard earned efforts on stage. 

So, i would recommend their royal theatre (located at Deck 3 and 4). Their shows are stunning and you would not want to miss every single of them. Their 3D effects we stunning. All the lighting effects, robotic arrangemnts and music are perfectly matched.

These are some of the nightlife activities available on the cruise every night. I will share more on my next post about daytime activities as well as dining onboard soon.


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