Coco Cabana Experience in Marina Bay Miri

No matter where you are, the most important is to share!

Sharing any events happens around you is ideal to approach more life events. So, do not waste any chance to share because Life is Short! Enough blablalabla. Let’s check out the latest event in Miri 2017.

On 20th April, 2017, since I passed by Marina Bay, I just drop by Asia Food Festival @ Coco Cabana to have a sneek peak right before they the event starts.

NO Plans, NO Purpose, just me with my Smartphone and my DJI OSMO Stabilizer. Then, I take a few shots since the weather was good then I left. To my surprise, the attractions are better than I expected. People Likes, Shares, Comment like there’s no end. Let’s hope that the respond will reach 1000 Likes for me to reach another Milestone.

Check out the print screen below which was taken 36 hours after my video upload. It’s awesome!!! For more Video, just check out my Instagram & YouTube below.


To my Surprise, I tried to upload another video showing more in detail about the night with time lapse, edits, and minor effects. Seems like it is less attractive than expected. Viewers are locked on the most popular post rather than looking at any alternatives. Anyways, It’s a great experience for me to get understand social demands and hope that my next production will be even better than before. Check out my YouTube Video on Day 2. Cheers everyone!


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